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Want a great deal on almost any energy item? 

Got surplus energy equipment to sell?

  The "cold standard" for super-efficient food refrigeration.

I use and recommend SunFrost® refrigerators. I bought my first machines way back in 1984—they’re still humming! The ordering process can be a bit complicated because of all the available options, but I’m proud to say that my company has been 100% correct in all ordering details on every SunFrost order I’ve processed. Returns are expensive all around, so it’s very important to get things right the first time. You need to know your dealer, and your dealer needs to know his products.

  Sundanzer: Cool With Solar™

These DC chest style food chillers are nicely made. I always try to wait a few years when a new company arrives on the scene, and Sundanzer™ has made the grade. I especially like the “battery free” refrigerator for some applications. This incorporates thermal storage within the product--connect solar electric modules for “sun-direct” operation, and it’s almost like perpetual motion.
  The best gas refrigeration products—for less!

Here’s a link to the gas appliance page at Lehman’s®. They’ve shipped Servel™ and Frostek™ products for me for years—the chest freezers are cool. I also sell Danby™ and others, but there are certain brands that I won’t sell, due to reliability problems. If my customers have trouble, I’m the one who hears about it. While customer problems usually cost me time and/or money, they also help me learn which products are the really solid ones.
  “Energy smart” gas ranges with power saving spark ignition.

Most gas ranges require hundreds of watts of electricity to ignite and run—posing a problem for energy extremists like myself. Peerless-Premier™ is different; they use a tiny spark to light the flame, or you can even light these with a match. This company has a long track record of reliable service. I always pay Peerless the extra charge to palletize my client’s appliances--so shipping damages are minimized. If you want a most impressive home range, check out the Stainless Steel Pro Series.
  This quality clothes washer saves water and electricity.

I sold my first Staber™ washer in the mid-nineties; the stainless steel tubs and simple design are very desirable. There’s nothing like a Staber for low power requirement, and a special version works with “modified sine wave” inverters. Since these use less water, they also use less energy to heat and pump that water. If my Staber customers ever need product support, I can probably help out--I’ve been through these machines from end-to end.
  Composting toilets with a track record…

Sun-Mar™ has been leading the way with low water compost toilets for years. While these aren’t for everyone, they appeal to clients with severe water shortages, rocky terrain, or a composting preference. Some health departments still require a “septic tank” just for household graywater, so a Sun-Mar may not avoid your cost of putting in a septic system. Serious recyclers will want to consider Sun-Mar’s Home Composter for kitchen waste.
  Rev Up Your Battery

Be sure to visit our Top Floor for the finest in battery health care products, including the revolutionary BattEQ™ automatic equalizer and the original sulfation buster: PowerPulse®.

  Heavy batteries for heavy duty…

Do the math: if you want less than 500 pounds of batteries, you should probably buy them locally so you don’t have to pay freight. “Heavier” users might save enough through me to pay the shipping. Of my many sources, my connection for East Penn/Deka brand is one of the best—great people doing good work on behalf of my clientele. Deka builds almost every type of lead acid battery, so here’s the link to their website.
  Bergey Windpower™

Bergey is one of two small scale wind machines that I deal with—the other one is Southwest Windpower™.  Do you live in an area with an unpleasant amount of wind?  Are you willing to follow the tower recommendations of a qualified dealer?  Do you accept the need for occasional maintenance and repairs?  If so, wind generator ownership may be for you.  P.S.  That "extra small" wind machine is often a poor performer as it is usually installed—a word to the wise...

  Harris Hydroelectric™

For the small percentage of properties that have a suitable hydro resource, a micro-turbine from Harris (or another manufacturer) is well worth consideration.  Huge water flow rates are usually not essential, but most installations need at least 50' to 75' of water fall—a steep canyon close to your battery location is most cost effective.  This is another product where good system design, careful siting, and occasional maintenance are important to happy ownership.


Xantrex Technology™

Xantrex (formerly known as Trace Engineering) is the “800 pound gorilla” in power conditioning for the solar industry. I can supply the full Xantrex line, but I’d like my customers to know that Xantrex is not the only game in town. I have found that their best selling SW inverter series is so complicated that end users typically need education and re-education to understand it.

  Victron Energy: Blue Power™

I began using Victron gear in 2002. This equipment is well known in the shipyards of Holland and the world. Once I got past the inevitable learning curve, I found Victron to have category leading features in several areas. I can sell any brand of inverter to my retail clients, but when performance and value are the main considerations, I specify Victron. See more about this on my Top Floor.
  Outback Power Systems™

Outback is the 200 pound gorilla—it was launched by a group of former Trace engineers. If you need modular inverter/charger systems with ETL listings, these are worth a look. Drawback—the engineers brought the over-complication problem with them—programming their FX inverter line requires navigation through over 100 menus. Their switchgear line is nice, but I prefer my own Can-Do Switchgear™ line in all respects—see this on my Top Floor.

  My Favorite Pure Grid Tie Inverters

One of my clients gave me a grid tie inverter “wish list” to work on. We wanted: (1) An American based manufacturer with few or no production ties to the world of slave labor. (2) A major history of power conversion in adverse environments. (3) A product that won’t fade or rust in a few years. (4) The ability to run on relatively low PV voltage. I looked and looked…and then discovered Solectria Renewables™. This is a company that understands and a company that cares. It’s a class act with quality products.

A.E.E.: The good ol’ gang is back!

I started trading with Alternative Energy Engineering™ (now AEE Solar™) in 1989. Several corporate changeovers later, many of my original contacts are back where they belong. I’ve never really liked their company logo, but the people and the products are great. You’ll find all the “big stuff” in this catalog, and a few unique items, as well. About the logo: A.E.E. may not intend it this way, but the “clenched fist symbol” is widely known as a salute to international communism. That’s a salute I choose not to raise.


SunWize Technologies™

I have many vendors, but I’m posting the links with the least product overlap with other suppliers. SunWize™ is another one of those sources that offer all the major items plus a few products that can’t be found elsewhere. For our retail customers who want to check out another nice parts catalog, here’s the link. For our Top Floor dealers, this is another company you’ll want to hook up with if you haven’t already.

  Solar/Wind water pumping systems

I can furnish pumping/energy systems from Conergy™ , Aerovironment™, Grundfos™, and others. Good system design requires knowledge of the products and of water systems in general. If you can furnish detailed and accurate information about your application, I can help you determine which products are the best fit for your situation. Note: sometimes the best fit is not a "solar pump" at all...

  The above links are just a few of the connections I’ve made since 1984.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask.

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