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Message from Mick:

Business: Welcome to our website—the result of significant effort and expense. I hope you enjoy our unusual approach to the alternate energy industry. As always, we’ll try to earn your business.

Ministry: We all should think about long term things—such as the “eternal home” that David sang about in Psalm 23. Be sure to visit the Christian Ministry section of our website.


Company Policies:

Customer Support: We can answer many questions about energy - and there are many questions out there! Please be respectful of our time, especially if you didn't buy from us. When deciding where to buy, ask yourself, "Who' ya' gonna' call?"  Testimonial

Dealer Referrals: Before selling to end users, we search for a "dealer match" by zip code. If the dealer bought similar products (or $X) recently, we refer the end user to them. We only select dealers who can add value to each project.  Dealer Application

Prices: As a courtesy to our dealers, the prices we publish are "Reference Retail" only. When selling to end users, our prices are negotiated on an individual basis. For a great deal, Click Here.

Privacy: we will not sell your contact information to anyone, and we'll only contact you if you want us to.

Solar Power Message From Mick


Our nickel: 800.222.7242
Fax: 970.731.3292

970.731.4675: Your nickel
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