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What if we ran an effective business, but failed to tell you about our hope in the living Messiah?  That would ignore the most basic human need.  We pray that you will enjoy and benefit from the files posted here.



Make Yourself an Ark!

In the mid-1990's I published an essay called "Make Thee an Ark!". This was a look at preparedness and "survivalism" from a Christian perspective. In "Make Yourself an Ark!", I revisit the thoughts that led my wife and I to reduce our reliance on the world's institutions, and I candidly review our path with over 25 years of perspective.


The Martyrs Speak

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is mocked by some, proclaimed by others, and ignored by many. Everyone stands somewhere; Where do you stand? This essay examines the testimony of first century witnesses to shed some light on the subject.



Abraham's Ethnic Group

Sometimes people don't think enough before they jump to conclusions about others. Prejudice of this sort can cause problems for individuals or for entire groups of people. This document clarifies Mick Abraham's own ethnic background, and addresses common fallacies about the Bible and the world.


The Sinners Prayer

Millions of people throughout history have found hope and peace by reciting "The Sinner's Prayer". This is the entry point to the  Christian faith. A similar prayer furnishes an important tool for Christian believers who wish to see their sinful behaviors diminish.



Refuge in the Real

In 2005, I lost a friend/customer to suicide. The theme of the funeral was a teaching from a medieval mystic named Meister Eckhart. This essay examines mysticism, and why my friend needed something more than that. I wish my friend had run to Jesus Christ as a place of refuge. This is my wish for all.

Part 1
Part 2


KFC BP and Political Correctness

I didn't know where to post this file, so I placed it on my "Ministry" page. This essay doesn't say much about Christianity; it's more about "full disclosure" in the areas of advertising and marketing. I'll probably make some people mad with this document, but I think this is information that my clients should have.



900 Years of Fraud

The years from 500 A.D. to 1,400 A.D. were highly formative years for the Christian faith. Many doctrines and dogmas were established during this era. Unfortunately, the same time period witnessed a little known intellectual scam, which still colors our thinking. This essay discusses the fraud, and calls for renewed Bible study.


Till Death Do Us Part

When the family is weak, government and other man-made institutions take up the slack. We'd be better off if things were reversed: strong families resulting in less need for gargantuan government. This essay is a salute to our forbears who kept faith with one another through the marriage covenant.





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